Decoding Wordcoin

Decoding Wordcoin

ICO or (Initial Coin Offering) have always come forward with investment opportunities and helped people explore the different tones of investments. Since the offering comes forward with different elements and features, one needs to know how to tackle the risks and carry forward the process in style. While doing so, you are bound to come across Wordcoin as the ICO has a lot to offer, and thus, you have a lot to explore. So to start things off, here’s a brief take on Wordcoin.


As an ICO, Wordcoin has taken the platform forward and raised different barriers for investment. From the initial run to getting listed on, Wordcoin has always left the element of surprise within the picture. As a revolutionary product, Wordcoin changed things for the better and continues to remain a viable force. While it may not be a top ICO, it does offer the different ingredients that one requires during the process of investments. By bringing together popular services, Wordcoin has sought out a different approach that is quite unique and innovative. To make things all the more interesting, Wordcoin has managed to activate the multiplier effect that comes with combining popular services in the frames of a decentralized platform life Word Expert (WE). The effect is real and is known to cause the right kind of benefits that one requires.

The Ethereum Wave

The technical details of Wordcoin go with Ethereum as the matter of blockchain comes to reap benefits. While the total supply stood with 10,000,000, the ICO conversion was clear at 1 Word = 0.00349 ETH. With the country of origin being Russia, the utility type ICO took shape to form something that people expected. The token sale’s initial run was known to be spectacular as everyone came forward to know more about an ICO and all that it has to offer. But there is no doubt about certain elements associated with Wordcoin. The run and the process that it faced a few years ago were processed in detail, and everyone was able to make the most of it. The 24-hour trading volume was a useful one that gave the new-age investors the much-needed space and comfort.



The topic of safety and security has always been with the Blockchain industry as people have been confused about the direction through which their investments will be carried. As a result, the same was visible with Wordcoin, with a few people even backing out. But all that was in the past as technology and innovation have always been with blockchain. Thanks to that, the future will see more ICO’s and their effective way of investments will reap better benefits.