No matter how high the customer focus may be, many companies lose profit every year because of the regular accumulation of negative feedback about them on the Internet. 5% of all reviews, posted by “eternally dissatisfied” clients are shown in the search engines’ top results for the search strings “company name review” and form a negative public perception of the products and services. Despite error correction, this negative information remains permanently in the search engine results and shall be handled, as it causes a significant decline of clients. That’s why all companies are obviously interested in reaching the top search engine results with real and useful information about the company, its products and services by writing different articles, press releases, interviews and other information.

The market of ORM services is estimated at $50 billion.

Copywriting is one of the most demanded professions in the world as the most common way to store and transfer information is written data. All Internet records consist of symbols. Every website contains titles, phrases, specifications and different types of text. Millions of posts, reviews and articles are published daily. And text is the only source of information which is freely accepted by people and recognition algorithms of search engines. To keep its leading positions in Yandex and Google search results, the website shall be periodically updated with useful and unique content, filled with correct key words and should be kept attractive for its users. 99,9 % of the websites we visit are created to attract an audience by regularly updating it with unique information.